SciTS 2022 Cross-conference Showcase

13th Annual International Science of Team Science Conference
Virtual Conference

July 31-August 3, 2022

Submission due on July 17, 2022

Submit your Poster Abstract here

The SciTS 2022 committee is excited to offer our community the opportunity to submit to our newly formed “Cross-conference Showcase”.  This new conference feature is a low-cost way to increase the exposure of your work and receive cross-disciplinary feedback while identifying potential new collaborators for your team science. Specifically, you are free to submit a poster abstract from a recent conference that has yet to be presented at the Science of Team Science. And you can use that poster at this year's conference as a way to dialogue with a new community.    

To submit, please prepare a single-page document that contains the following information:

1.      The full citation of your poster from the prior conference at which this poster was presented

2.      Abstract from original poster submission 

3.      A brief description of relevance to the Science of Team Science (no more than 2-3 sentences)

Please note that:

(a) We expect you to present your poster through a pre-recorded video and will be asked to upload a video file and pdf of poster to the conference website.

(b) By submitting to this session, you are confirming to us that your poster met the criteria of being presented at another conference within the past two years, and that it has not previously presented at SciTS and has not yet been published in a journal.

If you have any questions, please contact Julia Rodriguez ([email protected]).

Submissions are due on July 17, 2022.